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Pathwork® Sundays

2019 Program


Pathwork® Sundays are a series of one day long workshops that invites us to explore Pathwork wisdom on a mind-body-emotion-spirit level and open space for more and more inner guidance driving us in the outer world. 


We organized the Pathwork® Sundays' themes around life evolution process, and each one is designed based on elected lectures and also other sources of inspiration from where we develop exercises, group dynamics,  meditations, and other activities. 


We offer opportunities for hidden patterns and emotions to surface, and create a safe container to processing and transmuting them, always in alignment with and respect for each person's inner guidance and pace. We also have space for some Pathwork® teachings, sharing, and meditations. 


For whom:

Pathwork Sundays is designed for those who have had some previous association with Pathwork® or have done some kind of self-exploration and are interested in dive deeper. 


It is our conviction that Pathwork® is a powerful way for us to manifest a  fairer, more abundant and sustainable world. Within this vision, we formulated a proposal based on the concept that equality is the result of treating different conditions differently. Therefore, we offer a sliding bar and suggest that you ask your inner guidance to find an amount that represents the highest good of all concerned. And trust it. 


$80-$120 per Sunday

February 24th - Our Life's journey

March 24th - Duality - the house of Ego

April 14th - An Easter Story

May 19th - Negative pleasure and unconscious desires 

June 23rd - False beliefs, if they are false, why do I believe them?

August 18th - Pseudo solutions and defenses

September 15th - Idealizations 

October 20th - Strengthening our Objective Self Observer 

November 17th - Meditation as a positive Life creation

December 15th  - The power of envisioning 

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