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Know Thyself

In our eagerness to fix the wrong we see outside us, be it in corporations, economics, politics, a mate or a friend, we often forget to ask ourselves how we are contributing to that wrong. Living in duality pushes us to see ourselves as separate entities from the world, and we end up believing in the illusion that whatever “evil” we see out there has nothing to do with us. 


We are inviting you to challenge this notion and try an approach that is based in unity, in oneness and in our capacity to create from within. Any change you are looking for can be achieved if you look inside.  

Unfold Yourself

Self-development means being able to unfold the real you, the best possible you who lives behind the masks, insecurities, fears and anxieties of daily life. It is a path of self-discovery, transformation and transcendence – of leaving behind those aspects that hold you back from expressing your full potential in life and, most importantly, from being happy.


Keep reading to see how we support you in this journey.

Professional Integral Coach

As a professional Integral Coach, I will support you in deep and lasting transformation by reaffirming the qualities that have served you well so far and guiding your development of the qualities that you might need in order to achieve your personal and professional goals. 
The Integral Coaching methodology is based on Ken Wilber's Integral Vision, an approach to personal development that ensures we use the full range of our resources in any situation, which increases the likelihood of success. As Wilbur says: “In short, the Integral approach helps you see both yourself and the world around you in a more comprehensive and effective way.”


Though our Integral Vision, you will develop new competencies and help your inner qualities blossom in order to achieve the results you deserve in life.


Spiritual Mentorship

We will guide you on a journey to your innermost self through the Pathwork® Guide’s lectures and teachings. You will:

  • Discover how your thoughts and ego play tricks on you, leaving you vulnerable and weak.

  • Understand your emotional needs and learn to free yourself from undesired, childish, reactions and misconceptions.

  • Become conscious of the masks that keep you from true, loving relationships and a more fulfilled life.

  • Deepen the understanding of how conscious and unconscious beliefs create negativity and unhappiness.

  • Learn to observe patterns in different aspects of your life that are deeply connected to unknown and untrue images that you carry within.

  • Use tools such as meditation, breathing and journaling to awaken your inner wisdom and better understand the concepts of duality and unity.


Study Groups


  • Learn concepts and tools to go deeper in this journey.

  • Share experiences with others, which leads to the opportunity to confront yourself – we mirror each other.

  • Increase your commitment to your self-development.

  • Have a safe space where you can bring your issues and work on them with others, because no one can undertake this journey alone.


Online Groups


  • Access Pathwork by joining an online group in English or in Portuguese.


Individual Sessions 


  • If you are not comfortable within groups and prefer an individual approach, contact us to set up a free appointment for an individual session. 

    • Have more space for your own issues.

    • Delve more deeply into your emotional reactions by going in and through them without feeling “judged.”

    • Work at your own pace.



My Approach
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