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These are extraordinary times. We are increasingly confronted with new situations and new issues that are intriguing and thought provoking, to say the least. Never before have we seen such a search for methods that would help us understand what our role is in creating our reality. There is a clear call for us to expand our own consciousness.


The corporate world is not exempt. Companies are being called upon to assume their share of responsibility in the social and environmental arena, which has made their activities more complex and challenging.


Several tools have emerged to tackle these challenges, but new tools with old mental models do not generate transformation. Instead, they generate huge gaps between “the talk and the walk.” 


We should no longer use obsolete methods to address these new challenges. Intuitively, we are aware of the need to develop modern skills, and fresh "mental models" to cope with this extraordinary moment.


Transformation starts within us, our feelings, emotions, the way we relate to one another. We must change ourselves before we try to change the world.  This is the reason it is necessary to broaden awareness in order to realize how our thoughts, feelings, and actions - consciously or unconsciously - influence our lives, whether personally or professionally.



Contact us for customized presentation and learn how to drive better results by becoming aligned with innovative and advanced tendencies.

Group coaching and training - engage your team members in understanding and practicing how they can increase self-responsibility and creativity to achieve win-win solutions


Sustainable leadership - executive coaching for leading edge corporate leaders


Corporate Sustainability - support to develop and practice new visions that harmonically embody environmental,  social, human and financial issues.

Sustainability - a kind of development...

...that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."


Our Common Future - UN WCED- 1987



Sustainability is one of those words that were so explored that kind of lost its meaning. In general, however, it is being used to define ways of decreasing or revert the damage human beings have been causing to the planet environment, embracing many different actors such as government, leaders, corporations, citizens, educators, spiritual guides, and others. 


Specifically, in the business context, sustainability is the ability to manage a company by finding a proper balance among its various stakeholders -employees, community, society, environment, client, suppliers, shareholders - so that everybody "wins". Challenging...


After working with this theme for about 12 years, we came to the conclusion that actions in that direction were much more effective when people involved had a more holistic perspective of life as a whole, meaning, they had understood they are not separated from what they were trying to solve - they are a part of it. That life may have a greater purpose. From this perspective, it is possible to innovate from sustainability current practices to "Sustainability from within."

My Approach
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